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Far too many people have been harmed as a result of errors made in our health care system. Medication errors, wrong site surgery, and procedural errors can result in unintended harm to patients. In 2001, a six year old boy was struck on the head and killed during an MRI procedure when an oxygen tank was pulled into the magnet. Staff members are taught that metal objects are not allowed in the same room with an MRI machine, yet someone brought one into the room. In 2007, a 3-year old boy died during a routine test because of a medication error. In 2007, a Rhode Island hospital was fined $50,000 by the state department of health after the 4th patient in six years had surgery on the wrong side of the brain. These are only a few of the tragic stories out of thousands that resulted in unnecessary patient harm or death because of a mistake.

Barriers that are in place to protect patients from harm can fail and human error can turn the safest procedures into deadly procedures. All staff members must be included in the organization's efforts to reduce errors and create safer processes and a safer environment for it's patients.

A culture of safety involves more than protecting patients from overt harm. While it may not be as obvious, avoidable readmissions back to a hospital can be the outcome of errors in the processes of care or the discharge process. Readmissions may be harmful because they place patients at greater risk for infections or other hospital acquired conditions. Preventing avoidable readmissions improves patient safety and saves lives.

A Culture of safety doesn't just happen. It takes commitment on the part of everyone in the organization.


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