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  • Quality Improvement Group, LLC

    Quality Improvement Group, LLC was founded in 2006 to assist health care organizations achieve goals of higher quality, performance excellence, greater efficiency, and a safer environment.

  • Mission

    To assist health care organizations in their quest for quality, safety, and performance excellence.

  • Vision

    To be a competitive provider of health care consulting and training services that moves our nation closer to achieving a culture of safety as evidenced by fewer patients harmed as a result of medical errors and inefficient health care systems.

  • Goals

    Through consulting services, training, and educational offerings, QIG's goal is to help health care organizations improve their processes to acheive better outcomes, higher quality, and a safer environment for patients, staff, and all other customers.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Assess

    An initial organizational assessment is performed to determine overall issues and opportunities. A root cause analysis (RCA) is conducted to identify root causes and other factors contributing to unsatisfactory performance or outcomes. Recommendations are made based on findings of the RCA.

  • Step 2 Intervene

    An action plan is developed to include Interventions that address the root causes and contributing factors identified through the organizational assessment. Agreed upon interventions are piloted on a small scale. A data collection plan is developed.

  • Step 3 Analyze

    Data are collected and analyzed to determine effectiveness of the interventions selected.

  • Step 4 Improve

    Adjustments to the interventions are made as necessary and data are collected to evaluate the effectiveness of the revised interventions. Improvement in the process is documented through ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Why Choose QIG?

  • Our team has a proven track record of getting results
  • Our team’s training and experience is broad in scope to include clinical and non-clinical services, hospital senior leadership, government contract work (QIO), performance improvement, regulatory compliance, statistical analysis, among others
  • Our team includes an active-practice physician who is experienced in medical staff leadership, peer review and root cause analysis
  • Our team trains your staff in patient safety and process improvement principles to foster sustainability of improvements achieved
  • Our team coaches and mentors new leaders of quality, patient safety, infection control, and others to provide a greater opportunity for success in their positions
  • Our team promotes standardization when possible, but does not use a “cookie-cutter” approach in managing your project—we treat every organization as a unique entity and tailor interventions to your specific needs
  • Our team’s philosophy is: we’re successful only if you’re successful

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