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  • "We are so fortunate to have found QIG! We engaged QIG to prepare our Health Information Management (HIM) department for ICD-10 coding implementation. The purpose of engaging a consulting company like QIG was to optimize our workflow processes. We knew that if we were not performing our current processes in the most efficient and effective manner possible, any problems we had would be magnified when we began the conversion to ICD-10 coding. Since coding is impacted by the entire flow of the medical record through the department, our consultant met with each of our section teams, mapped out their current processes and identified issues, waste and opportunities to re-design the flow of records through the department. Metrics were established to measure our performance. Our journey toward excellence has resulted in numerous staffing changes and process changes as well as restructuring the organization of the entire department. We are still on our journey toward excellence and we continue to work with QIG to guide us through ongoing improvement."

    HIM Administrative Director

  • "Hospital readmissions cost Medicare approximately $15 billion annually according to MedPAC (2005). That same study estimated $12 billion of those costs could have been avoided. Beginning October 2012, hospitals will be penalized under the new health care law if their readmission rates for Medicare patients treated for heart failure, heart attack or pneumonia are higher than expected. My work with Mrs. Smith on a readmission rate reduction project at a mid-sized hospital system yielded the most significant improvement in reducing all cause readmissions as compared to all other hospitals in 14 states working on the same project. With guidance from Mrs. Smith, we conducted RCA to identify drivers of readmissions that involved not just the hospital, but downstream providers as well (i.e., nursing homes, home health). She used traditional RCA tools like brainstorming, cause and effect diagrams, affinity diagrams, chartered teams, and we established measures to continually evaluate whether the interventions we selected were working. During team meetings, potential causes of readmissions were identified and we tested them to determine if they were actual drivers of readmissions or just perception. Her process for conducting the project was very effective. Our results spoke louder than words! I’ve since moved on in my career and continue to use the tools and techniques we used on the project with Mrs. Smith."

    Brian Pisarky,, Former Corporate Director of Case Management, Case Management Consultant

  • "Referral: Sherrie, I was talking to a representative of the Hospital Association and mentioned how much you helped us with our readmission project. She would like your contact information."

    Sue Hughes,, Director, Quality Management

  • "After being awarded a Rural Flex Grant to implement a quality improvement initiative, we began reviewing responses to RFPs to select a consulting company to facilitate the project. We engaged QIG after reviewing all the proposals and determining theirs was the best by far. Ms. Smith worked with me and other staff members to initiate and manage the project. During the course of the project, we identified that we had multiple opportunities to improve our infection control program. Ms. Smith brought in a highly qualified and knowledgeable infection control practitioner who addressed all our deficiencies. Because of the quality improvement program and processes we implemented with the help of QIG, we were able to successfully pass our most recent State survey and our grant project results greatly contributed to that success. We are very happy that we found QIG and continue to use them for our ongoing consulting needs."

    Tara Lightsey,, Director of Radiology and Quality Improvement

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